Thanks for everything, Kickstarter! ROKH Early Access in September confirmed

Dear Backers and Colonists,

It may look like frightening news but it’s not!

Yes, we’re cancelling the Kickstarter campaign. Since the launch we lacked visibility, which explains where we currently stand as we write this note.

However, what we did not lack is all of the support we’ve received! Together with our team, we wish to thank all of you for your encouragement and the Kickstarter team for their incredible work and dedication.

As we’ve said from the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign, the purpose of launching it was to help raise extra funds for growing our team, and thus enable us to deliver an even broader scope (such as the Programming System or Vehicles) for our Early Access release on Steam in September. The success of the campaign was never critical to the creation of a meaningful and quality experience for ROKH, coming to you in less than four months!

So no big deal here! This just means that some of our planned content will be postponed and delivered to you with the first updates for ROKH.

As an update on the overall project, we’re happy to tell you that we’re right on track, so stay tuned between now and September, because we have a lot to reveal about ROKHs universe!

Even though we haven’t been able to reach our funding goal, this campaign has been a rich learning experience for us. Your messages and your overwhelming enthusiasm confirmed our faith in our creative vision and reaffirmed that there is a great desire out there for a serious, scientific-orientated Martian survival game. Moreover, this setback helped us realize that launching a Kickstarter campaign without a gameplay demo was a bold move, certainly too bold when we see the lack of media exposure.

So, we’re choosing to build the next steps of our communication with gamers and communities on this very shortcoming, including alpha testing phases in the upcoming months.

For all of you who Kickstarted ROKH and still wish to receive your special rewards, we are preparing multiple Founder Packs on our website.

So, this is it! Thanks again & stay in touch with ROKH on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and on our Slack channel. There’s no better way to be the first to attend the Alpha testing phases and to be there for the launch of our Early Access in September.

Stay Red-y!

ROKH Dev Team